Contamination-proof / odor-free

KleverWheel-12 is a novel multi-flex extraction system using close-format cartridges which fundamentally prevents contamination from floating amplicons in the air and cross contamination between samples and protects operators from infectious samples during extraction process. In addition, it provides the odor-free extraction condition

Improved yield

By utilizing improved mixing process the yield of nucleic acid from KleverWheel-12 is increased about 30% ~ 100% in comparison to typical magnetic particle processors.

Various samples

KleverWheel-12 can extract nucleic acid from various sample such as plasma, blood, biofluid, cell, tissue, stool  and forensic samples.

Easy setup

KleverWheel-12 system with pre-filled closed-format cartridges allows you automatic nucleic acid extraction giving high quality and maximum yield from various samples. 

 It can extract DNA up to 12 samples less than 120 minutes.


KleverWheel-12 and kits are reasonably priced  and so, the kits can be used for routine diagnostic process.







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Instrument Specifications

Throughput :                                   Up to 12 samples
Type of kits :                                   Close-format pre-filled cartridge
Sample Volume :                              50 – 400 ul (sample volume) / 100 – 200 ul (elution volume)
Processing Time :                             40 ~ 120 minutes (depending on sample type and method)
Heating Block :                                Yes
Weight :                                         38 Kg
Dimensions :                                   360(W) * 455(D) * 446(H)mm / (14.17 x 17.91 x 17.56 inch)
Power Requirements :                       100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 4.1A


● Blood DNA detection

● Bacterial DNA/RNA detection

● Viral DNA/RNA detection

● Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) analysis
● Pathogen detection

● Forensic

● TB/NTM DNA extraction

● STD(HPV) DNA extraction

● HBV DNA extraction

● Cell-free DNA extraction