Fast automation

Rapid, consistent extraction.

     By using high quality magnetic particles along        

     with optimized reagents, maximum amount of

      high quality nucleic acid can be extracted from

      various samples such as blood, plasma, serum,


      urine, tissues, cell and others.


Use of pre-filled 96 deep well plates

      BX-96 are using disposable pre-filled 96 well

      plate to extract nucleic acid from up to 200ul



Cost effective purification of DNA/RNA

     By using 96 deep well plates, the nucleic acid    

     extraction process with BX-96 is cost effective

     and convenient. 


Compact instrument size

     BX-96 was designed in small bench top size.

     The dimension  is 36cm X 61cm X 45cm.   







Instrument Specifications

Throughput :                                    Up to 96 samples
Type of kits :                                    Pre-filled 96well plate and 96well magnetic rod
Processing Time :                              20 ~ 60 minutes (depending on sample type and method)
Automatic UV Sterilization :                 Yes
Heating Block :                                 Yes
Weight :                                          49 Kg
Dimensions :                                    360(W) * 610(D) * 446(H)mm / (14.17 x 24.2 x 17.56 inch)
Power Requirements :                        100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 11A


● Virus DNA/RNA diagnosis
● Bacterial DNA/RNA diagnosis
● Blood DNA extraction
● Bio Bank data collection
● Clean up of DNA from amplification